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Talk About Some Comeback

Over the course of the season, the Dodgers have been designated as the best team in the NL West.  Well, since June, when the Rox were something like 15 games back of first place, the Rox have been one of the better overall teams in the Majors. They have been hitting, pitching, and playing good defense.  The coaching has been really good as well with all the decision making they have to do over the course of a game.  Jim Tracy has been the core of that team which has been so successful since June.

Last night, the Rox, as they have been for a while now, were on center stage, playing games that meant so much.  If they lost, their position in either the West or the Wild Card would be affected.  But they have been playing well and they have been winning.  They have been moving up and past the Giants who were their closest competition in the Wild Card race.  Now, they have their eyes on the Dodgers who they play a three game series against this week.  Another very important series for the Rox that will keep them on the edge of their toes.  That is another reason the team has been so successful lately.  They know how important the games are and the way they prepare for them is effected by this.

Last night, the Rox and Giants finished off a series that took place over the weekend.  The Rox really took advantage of the series as they won 3 out of 4 games.  Last night’s victory came with hard work and determination.  They were down late in the game and they came back from three down to win it.  Jim Tracy was in a tough spot having only one bench player available to pinch hit.  He worked around it though.  In the final inning, Dexter Fowler took one off the knee and went down.  He stayed in the game and was walked.  Tracy told their pitcher who had to bat for himself since there was no one else to bat for him, to take every pitch since the opposing pitcher had walked the previous batter.  The pitcher did what Tracy said and he got a nice four pitch walk to send him down to first.  Another chance for the Rox.

Eventually, after a very wild inning of suspense, Ryan Spilborghs came up to the plate with the bases loaded and jacked one to right center field.  A walk off grand slam ended a game that was one of the best in a while.  A great game to watch I can assume.  I am not anywhere near the Rockies’ television broadcasting but the replays on ESPN’s Sportscenter were amazing enough that I can assume the game was a great one.

The Rockies are in position to take over first place soon, as long as they have success against the Dodgers this week.  If they can win a couple, or even complete a sweep, the Rox will surely take over first place before the season is over.  The Yankees are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now…. I think the Rox are the next hottest team at the moment.