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Manny Makes Grand Statement

After sitting out the start of the game on Manny Ramirez bobblehead night, Man-Ram came off the bench in the sixth inning and met a frenzy from the crowd which was ecstatic to see him appear in the game.  With the bases loaded, Manny stepped up to the plate and slugged the first pitch he saw into Mannywood.  The crowd was absolutely insane.  It must have been so loud (I mean you can only tell so much from the video).  It was Manny’s 21st grand slam of his career which puts him two behind the great Lou Gehrig who’s got 23.

A crazy moment, makes you think of another famous Dodger pinch hit home run.  Yeah that’s right, you all know who I’m talking about.  Kirk Gibson.  His famous pinch hit homer in the 1988 World Series.  It was just a crazy “you got to be kidding me” moment.  It is just ridiculous and sends the crowd into a frenzy.  In Manny’s case, the crowd got into a frenzy just by seeing him come out into the on deck circle.  And then to hit it on the first pitch… WOW!

This homer by Manny was his first career pinch hit homer which is surprising.  But then again, how many times has he had to pinch hit?  This statement by Manny, I think, is huge and it shows that he is still the homer hitting powerhouse that he has always been despite being suspended for his drug use.  This whole situation has been confusing and annoying as a fan to pay attention to, but it’s over and Manny is still Manny.  The home run hitting, acting up, and life of the Dodgers Manny.  This just proves it.  Such a great moment for Manny to do it front of the home crowd in LA too.  Congrats to Manny!