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An Instant Classic

Yankee-Red Sox games are the best out there.  That’s a no doubter.  But last night’s 15 inning odyssey proved to be one of the greatest of all time not only between the two teams, but also of all time among all the teams in the MLB.  AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett both pitched for the champion Florida Marlins in 2003, along with Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell.  Every time the Yanks and Sox face off it seems that the two former Marlins find their way to face each other.  It seems that way anyway.  They have been the marquee matchup of the series’ between the two teams pretty much every time this season, being Burnett’s first year with the Bombers.  They both proved last night why they are the matchup to see.  Neither threw a perfect game, neither had a phenominal number of strikeouts and neither started a fight by throwing at the other team.  No, it was a 15 inning outing in which each guy went deep into the game, getting out of his fair share of jams, and keeping the intensity of the game at the high level that is expected of a Yankees-Red Sox game.  It was truly a great game.

Now, ESPN Classics may already have many famous games from Yankees-Red Sox past airing over the channel.  Well, this game will surely be airing over ESPN Classics in the future because this truly was a classic.  I had a great time watching it and it was such a heart stopping game.  That bomb that Josh Reddick almost hit late in the game had me on my toes, as well as my dad.  If it was fair, the game could’ve been over, but the ball went foul and the game went on.  That’s the kind of game it was.

The game went into extras, and of course, the game stayed scoreless or else the game would be over.  Now, most games that go into extras will be over by the eleventh or twelfth innings, on average.  But some games do go deeper and deeper than that.  Neither the Yankees or Red Sox bullpens could put the other away and the offenses didn’t do their job in putting runs up on the board.  That’s another reason this is an instant classics.  It was a total pitcher’s duel.  Not just the starting pitchers.  But the bullpens got in on it too as they took over when the game went into extras.  It was not until A-Rod hit a two run bomb off of Junichi Tazawa to put the game away.  It was just that kind of game.

Now, Burnett did only give up  one hit over his 7.2 innings of work.  But he did walk six guys which I am not very pleased with.  As many of you know, I despise it when guys give up many walks unintentionally.  It is a free pass and there is no need for it.  But anyway, the six walks and one hit pretty much matched up with Beckett’s four hits and two walks.  So they were still pretty evenly matched as they left the game in the eighth inning.  The bullpens did their job and kept the game going for a long time.  I’m surprised neither of the managers pulled a position player and put him on the mound to pitch since each team went through so many pitchers.  But it was a great game and a thrill to watch.

Classic Yankees-Red Sox action.  It’s either going to be a blowout for each team, scoring runs every five seconds, a total pitcher’s duel that goes into extras (as it was last night), or an average game where each team scores a few runs and then a fight breaks out.  It’s just how Yankees-Red Sox action goes.  It’s like a story.