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Gardner To DL

Since when was Brett Gardner going to the DL.  I had no idea until my friend told me about it today.  Well, that’s a bummer since he has been playing really well for us lately.  His solid centerfield play, his improving offensive production, and his mere presence in the game made the Yankees that much better.  Now we’re going to have to rely on Mr. Melky to get the job done until Gardner returns.

Now, nothing against Melky, but I’d rather have Brett in there for a few reasons.  One- he’s faster and can track down balls faster.  On the offensive side of that, he can get on base and run better than Melky can which gives him that advantage.  Two- his offense has been better than Melky’s lately and Melky hits in streaks and can’t really keep his consistency going.  Three- I just like Gardner better.  Don’t hate me all you Melky fans.  It’s my decision.

So, with Gardner going to the DL, the next question is, who should they bring up.  The answer to that question is Jonathon Albaladejo.  This, in turn, leads to another one of my brain farts in which my friend had to not-so-nicely tell me about.  WHEN DID ALBALADEJO GET SENT DOWN?

I had no idea he had been sent down to the minors and I just assumed he hadn’t been playing lately.  Well, that was totally off.  Well, after all that, Albaladejo is back and I have it in my head all right.  Finally.

So to sum it all up, Gardner’s on the DL, Albaladejo got called up, and the Yankees are still a game and a half up on the Red Sox in the East.  All is good in Yankee land.

P.S. I’m going to be at camp this week so I won’t be able to write anything for about a week.  I’ll try to get something up this next weekend because I get back Friday but I’m not sure if I will have time since I will probably be sleeping, trying to make up for my lack of sleep I am sure to have by the end of my camp experience.  So, see you then.