The Cards May Get An Early Holliday

This drop by Matt Holliday ultimately put the Cardinals in a 2-0 hole and has put a lot of pressure on the Cards to win both games at home.  If they lose even one they are done.  This is how important that drop turns out to have been.  He’s going to be hitting himself when the Cardinals go home early.

The Dodgers truly did get lucky last night but the Dodgers I think have a talented enough team to win a game on the road.  If they can win a game on the road already up two games then they can close this thing out early and get some extra rest.  That would be really big for them.  They are my pick to get to the world series this year.

Speaking of that, my friend and I made a bet about who would make it to the Fall Classic.  My pick is the Yankees and Dodgers, the matchup that a lot of people really want to see.  Joe Torre returning to Yankee Stadium and facing off against the current Yankee skipper.  That would be so great.  Now just because I really want to see that matchup doesn’t mean it is the obvious choice but I really think the Dodgers can get there if they play well enough.

My friend’s pick is the Angels and Dodgers.  Now I don’t know about the Angels but the Dodgers are obviously my pick too.  Whoever wins the bet has to buy the other a snack out of the vending machines at school.  Nothing huge but we felt like making it interesting enough so that’s what we came up with.

Well, I’ve got nothing else to talk about right now so…

-Go Yanks!



  1. matttan7

    Good point, Dillon. It’s not all Matt Holliday’s fault though. Ryan Franklin should’ve gotten the third out even with the misplay, or shall I put in Adam Wainwright’s words “The fans’ waving the white towels” is why the Cardinals lost.

    Oh well. The Dodgers are better though, and so are the Yankees.

    Matthew Tang

  2. devilabrit

    Yep.. a lot of people want to see the Dodgers and Yankees go at it, just because of the manager match-up… but the Angels may stand in the Yankees way and Im hoping the Phillies are in the Dodgers way…but it’s still early in October and it’s that time when anything is possible…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In


    Holiday might have “bloopered” but he has more than shown his worth. I would be interested in what Pujols’ batting average was before Holiday joined the cardinal and after. He is no longer the star of the cardinals and people perform differently when there is no competition. Also, I cannot forget the comment made pre-season on the cardinal website in an interview when pujols stated that he would essentially leave the cardinals if they didn’t make it to post-season. I know the cardinals have had single stars for the past several years but I still can remember the dream team of Vince Coleman, Willie McGee and my all time favorite, Ozzie Smith. None of them home run hitters but you could count on each of them to get a base hit when needed. If the cardinals could get 1/3 of the team to hit base hits, I would take that any day over someone over a home run hitterl

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