Uno, Dos, Tres…

C’mon Jorge.  It goes like this.  Uno… dos… tres… so on.  How can you not think this was hilarious.  I mean, Yankee fans as well as everyone else around the MLB community should get a kick out of this.  And I figured that after being away from this blog for a week or so I should start back up with something simple and funny.  This is the perfect thing.

The Yankees are still rolling with the division lead over the Red Sox which is now up to 6.5 games if you were wondering.  Last night, they played the second game of a three game series against the O’s at Camden Yards and there were plenty of exciting moments, and strange ones as well.

The Bombers are the Bombers.  You have to expect them to hit a lot of homers.  Not only while they are at homer friendly Yankee Stadium, but also while they are on the road.  I mean, they are just a really talented and powerful team that hits a lot of homers.  Get over it haters.

Robby Cano hit one in the second inning.  Jorge Posada hit one in the third and then hit another one in the fifth.  A two homer night wasn’t the only thing that got Posada recognized though.  More on that in a second.  Nick Swisher and Eric Hinske both went yard in the seventh.  So there is your list of homers on the night and as always, a very impressive performance by the Bombers.

So, Posada had a great game offensively against the O’s yesterday.  But I don’t think he remembered how to count.  Twice, Posada got the counts messed up and the home plate umpire had to remind him of what was going on.

At one point, HP ump Angel Hernandez had to remind Posada that he had just looked at ball four and was awarded a walk.  This was a few seconds after Posada looked at the pitch and as he was getting ready for another.  The pitcher would’ve loved to get another chance but the umpire was alert and gave Posada the heads up.  The second time he messed up the count.  He thought he had struck out.  When he started walking back to the dugout, Hernandez, as well as guys in the dugout were telling him it was only two strikes.  It was great.  Hysterical.

Both Derek Jeter and A-Rod were filmed by the camera men at the game laughing about the incident and Johnny Damon was also in there somewhere too.  It was really funny and all his teammates were getting a kick out of it.  What I really don’t get is how Posada, being a catcher, messed up two different counts in one game.  It is really strange and it doesn’t happen often.

So remember Jorge.  Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro.



  1. mrsswisher10

    I missed the whole Jorge Posada count thing! I actually fell asleep for a few innings -.- I saw a piece of it on Sports Center, but I’m gonna have to see it again! lol

  2. abel90

    Thanks.. I appreciate that. Yours is a great read though – I’ll be sure to check back. I actually just finished mine because it was taking forever for that audio to load! Yanks-Cards will always be my dream World Series matchup .. It would be good for the game (and ratings ha).

  3. raysfanboy

    I have read about Jorge’s brain meltdown everywhere. Kind of funny. At least he’s not throwing baseballs into the stands on what he thought was out #3 like Milton Bradley et al has done. His meltdown didn’t hurt the game much, so that’s good for you guys.

  4. TribeTed


    good post.

    I think Posada is really hitting the ball well:

    and it is amazing that he does that because of the beating he takes from foul balls; pitches, etc.

    I admire a gritty guy like that who can:

    always come through for ya.

    The Indians haven’t really had a guy like that this year.

    Cleveland has had multiple players come through – in this no good season.

    Next year should be a good one — look out!



  5. jesskcoleman

    I remember thinking last night that Posada was going to hit a HR right after he stepped back up to the plate after thinking he struck out. I just knew it was going to happen. Whenever something seems as though it would be amazing, this team gets it done. There just that kind of team.
    — NYColeman

  6. crzblue2

    OMG Dillon! That is so funny. Did Jorge not get enough sleep the night before or what? He being a catcher makes it funnier. So I missed that! i got home too late to watch highlights and on top of that there was a fire outside of the main entrance of Dodger Stadium that they closed traffic going in two directions. I had to drive a little longer to take the freeway.

  7. TribeTed

    Jorge has been a hitting guru.

    I am surprised he doesn’t teach a class about it.

    The Yankees won yet again last night.

    “man your spoiled!” 😉 But in a good way.

    Just wait until we Indians catch up to you;

    we always have a way of beating u in the playoffs (wink, wink) 😉

    Good luck.


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