Expect the Unexpected

This phrase is one that most people know and understand, one that applies to every day life.  It is a simple one.  Meaning that you can’t always expect what is supposed to happen.  Sometimes, unexpected occurrences happen and you don’t know what to do.  Sometimes the unexpected isn’t anything hard to deal with but you just didn’t expect it to happen.  It’s not that hard to understand which is why it is a critical saying to general every day life.

Now, think about this.  If I asked you who would win the NL Wild Card, you would probably give me a breakdown of every division and who would come in first and second.  Then you would probably figure out who has the best chance at having the best record among the second place teams.  So, I did a little experiment with my pal Jay.  He was unaware of my intentions to put this in my blog so he’ll figure out later.

Me: Jay, how do you think the NL playoffs will be shaped up at the end of the season.

Jay: The Dodgers, no doubt, are gonna win the West.  That’s no question.

Me: I agree 100%.  How could Manny and Ethier and Furcal and the O-Dog go without winning that division.  They’re just too good and too consistent.

Jay.  I think the Cards will pull it out in the Central because they have Holliday now to bat behind Albert.  Too much power and good enough pitching to get along.  Now the East is the toughy.

Me:  It always is.  That’s why I say the Phils are gonna repeat as NL East champs.

Jay: I think the Phils will as well.  The Mets were my pre-season choice but now with all the injuries I can’t pick them and you’ve got to like what their doing down in Philly.

Me: That addition of Cliff Lee will probably end up being the biggest, most important trade of tbe year if the Phils get deep into the playoffs.

Jay: I think the Cubbies could make a run at the Wild Card.  They have been playing better of late and I think they will continue winning and take themselves into the playoffs.  I think that’s how it’ll all work out.

Me: That’s a very intersting look at things but it’s your decisions and I can’t make them for you.  Thanks man.

Jay: No problem.

This conversation took place over the phone a day after the Cards aquired Matt Holliday from the Athletics.

Now, I agree with every one of those predictions except the one that the Cubs will win the wild card.  How can you not think about the Rockies.  They have been playing really well of late and they are at the top of the Wild Card standings.  Jay said that he still thought the Cubs will streak right past both Colorado and San Fran but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  The Cubs may be playing great of late but the Rox are too.  I think they will pull away.

Now why would I go to all this trouble just top see who someone would pick to win the Wild Card?  Because seriously, who would think the Rockies would be in the playoff picture at all.  And how ’bout the Giants too.  I don’t think I would meet anyone that thought they would have a chance at the playoffs.  This is why you have to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

The Rox have a real good chance at makign the playoffs as the Wild Card.  They pulled away another  game yesterday with a win and the Giants’ loss.  The Rox are riding a four game win streak and I don’t think they will let anyone stop them from getting to the playoffs.

Even though the Rox were in the playoffs in 2007 in which the Red Sox beat them in four games, they were unexpected to be there that year too.  They just weren’t considered a good enough team to get that far into the playoffs.  Somehow they did and then they got swpet by a really good Red Sox team.  But still, the point is that they were unexpected to be there.  Same with this year but they may just do it.

Watch out MLB, here come the Rox.  And maybe even the Giants.



  1. carolmwl

    yep, never count out the Rockies. When they’re going well, and then you toss into the mix that they’re so used to that thin air they play all their home games in…they have a definite advantage.

    You can have no idea, Dillon, how much the Philly fans love to beat the Mets. This weekend may not mean much for the Mets, aside from the role of spoiler – but for the Philles (apart from the benefit to the standings that wins could do) it’s just nothing but fun to beat the Mets in their own house. =)

    carol mlblogs.com How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Dillon …

    I agree … I think the National League playoff teams will be: the Dodgers, Cardinals, Phillies, and, the Rockies as the wild card team !!! … Also, it is turing out to be a very interesting race in the American League with the Yankees, Angels and Tigers leading their divisions; and, the battle for the wild card will go right down to the wire between the Red Sox, Rays, Rangers, White Sox, Twins, and Mariners !!! … All these races will be fun to watch !!!
    Take care, Dillon !!! … Thanks for your recent visits to my blog !!!
    Enjoy your weekend !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  3. raysfanboy

    I’ll admit that I thought the Cubs would put together a run at the wild card, just like your pal Jay. But I don’t think that anymore. I love my guys, but they have dug too deep a hole. I’m really disappointed that this team, which spent so much money in the off season, and has so much talent, will be sitting home in October. They deserve it.

    Now I’m just hoping my Rays will keep beating the Rangers and the Yanks will keep beating the Sox!

  4. matttan7

    Great stuff you have there. I have a feeling the way things are going, the Dodgers are going to win this NL West. The Giants and Rockies are still in this thing though so anything can happen. Anything can happen that we don’t expect to see in this league.

    Matthew Tan

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