Strasburg Signs, Cards Beat Dodgers Again, Tomko Beats Former Team

Strasburg is signed, the Yanks were kept scoreless by their former comrad, and the Cards continue to dominate the Dodgers, MLB’s best team.  Here we go…

Yesterday I talked about the whole Strasburg situation.  Well, he’s finally signed; it took until 11:58 Monday night to get it done.  Another Scott Boras guy, Strasburg was drafted number one by the Nats and is expected to be the start of a reformation in the nation’s capital.

Here’s a comment I got on my post from yesterday by Julia from Julia’s Rants:

“Dillon- Jacoby Ellsbury has to be near the top of your list as well.  Many a wall wear scares from him.  And Strasburg?  Sadly another case of his devil of an agent trying to extort money from teams.”

Julia put it right on the money.  Boras has the reputation of extorting money from teams trying to sign his clients.  He definitely gets his clients money but he is not like much by other players, teams, and fans because of how he does it.  For the Nationals, they are probably ecstatic that they were able to sign Strasburg.  Boras took it down to the last minute until Strasburg told him to get it done because of his wanting to play.  It’s done now and you can expect to see Strasburg in the nation’s capital next spring.

Hey, Yankee fans!  Remember this guy.  Yeah.  It’s Brett Tomko.  He kind of played for us this year until we released him in July because he wasn’t performing to the level of success that we needed him to.  Yeah, him.  Well, he’s on the Athletics now and he just shut us out yesterday.  What a shame.

The Yankees were held to seven hits and were walked twice.  Tomko was definitely on his game for the first five innings of the game before he was taken out.  And even after he was relieved, the Yankees were still baffled by the Athletics’ pitching.  They just couldn’t get it done.  After Tomko came out, they only got two more hits.  That’s terrible.  How could this happen against the A’s of all teams?  Well, at least we can say AJ Burnett and Derek Jeter had really really good games.

Burnett went a complete game (8 innings) of STELLAR work.  He only allowed six hits, one less than the Yankees had as a team.  He struck out five and walked two.  Not a bad performance.  In fact, it’s a very good performance.  This would be the kind of performance we would assume came in a Yankee victory.  But unfortunately the Yankee bats were held quiet.  But not Derek Jeter.

Jeter went 3-4 with three singles.  He didn’t do much more than that but at least he was able to have some success agaisnt the Oakland pitching.  Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher both hit doubles, their only hits of the game.  Jorge Posada and Ramiro Pena both hit singles as well.  The Yankees still have a seven game lead on the Red Sox in the AL East.

Chris Carpenter was dealing last night against the Dodgers.  He went eight innings of work giving up only five hits and a walk.  He struck out eight.  He only gave up two runs on the game which is a good sign as for his run control goes.  The offense also helped out.  It took until the end of the game to pull ahead but it happened eventually and Carpenter was still on the mound to record the win.  Pujols homered in the fourth to tie the game at one apiece.  Then in the seventh, Rick Ankiel sent a bomb to deep right center to go ahead 3-2.  The Cards kept the lead with Trevor Miller and Ryan Franklin who combined to pitch the ninth.  The Dodgers seem to have no answer for the Cards this season.  They could be a deadly foe for the Dodgers in the playoffs as the Cards may have the top of the Central division come the end of the season.  Who knows, maybe the Cards will out play the MLB’s best team.



  1. 2yankeeboy

    Hey Dillon, I still can’t believe Tomko pitched so well Yesterday! He wasn’t even close to that good with the Yankees. I also can’t believe that the Nats finally smartened up and signed their one chance at a FUTURE. I don’t blame Boras for him not signing earlier because in the end it’s about what the player wants and if he wants to sign he’ll do it.

  2. juliasrants

    I’m not so sure that Starsburg in the bigs next year; actually for his development as a player it would be better if we didn’t! There is a HUGE difference between pitching at the HS level and in the majors. And sorry, but 2yankeeboy is incorrect on one thing – will Strasburg help the Nats? Maybe. Is a player who will pitch every 4th or 5th game enough for a team to win a WS? No. Signing Strasburg is part of the future, but only a small part.


  3. raysrenegade

    The Nats spent so much trying to get Strausberg and the other draft picks to sign this season, hopefully they have enough for Bryce Harper in 2010’s draft.
    But just seeing how they are going to go about their business re-inventing this franchise is exciting right now.
    Can’t wait to see what the Opening Day roster will look like in 2010.
    Should be a great day in Washington, DC.

    Rays Renegade

  4. crzblue2

    congrats on being featured! Way to go!
    It wasn’t in the Cards fo the Dodgers to win yesterday, but it was very close. we were actually winning 1-0, 2-1. That Pujols is one tough hombre. I am proud of Haeger job. We just came a run short. We just got to start winning against the team’s aces or else we will be out looking in. Can’t wait to be back at the stadium tonight. I am actually meeting up with friends that are Cardinal fans.

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