LaRoche Dealt To Boston… Wait, Which One?

Finally, the LaRoche brothers will not be mistaken for the each other.  No longer will people see the name A. LaRoche on the scoreboard and say, “Which one is that?”  No longer will I see the name on my fantasy stat follower and also be confused.  And basically, no longer will Pittsburgh be the owners of the two brothers that confuse the crap out of many baseball fans.  Now here this… you can’t imagine how confusing it is to see the name A. LaRoche and have to wonder which one it is.  It is extremely annoying.  I’m not sure which guy it is.

Well, now the Bucs won’t have to worry about mistaking either of them for the other any more.  The Bucs have traded ADAM LaRoche to the Boston Red Sox for a couple prospects.  The addition of LaRoche is a good one, giving them another bat to add to their all ready powerful arsenal.  But the question is this… How often will he be used.  There is no where to put him.  With Youkilis at first, and Lowell at third (for the time being), there is no where to put him so you would imagine he would get a spot start here and there.  But maybe they got him because Lowell is going back to the DL.  In this case LaRoche would get first base with Youk sliding over to third.  Who knows?  It’s still a good move regardless.

On to other news.  What’s up with all those day games today.  I went to the movies this afternoon with a few buds to catch the matinee of the new Transformers movie and I hung out at the mall next door to it all afternoon.  When I got home and turned on ESPNews, I saw a bunch of replays from games that had already been played.  I was thinking, “What’s up with that?”  I was bummed but then again, the only game that would be on t.v. near me would be the Red Sox-Rangers game which is on later tonight.  So that wasn’t that big a deal.

Also- THE YANKS ARE IN FIRST! I am pumped about this.  The Yanks are on fire, the Red Sox have sucked so far this second half, and life is good as a Yankee fan.

Well, that’s all, not much happening today or yesterday.

P.S. I suggest everyone go see Transformers 2 because it was a great movie.  Very intense.  A lot of action.  It was great.  Shia LaBeouf- great job; Megan Fox- hot as ever; Optimus Prime- Very awesome.



  1. crazy19canuck

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens in Boston. I’m not sure if they are going to give up on Lowell. But with Youk at first, doesn’t look like LaRoche will get much time.

    Optimus Prime has always been awesome! Gotta see that movie. 🙂

  2. juliasrants

    I guess it’s the Red Sox’s turn to “suck” since the Yankees did a good job of that the first half of the season. How bad did Cleveland beat them? The Red Sox have historical come out slow after the All-Star break. RSN is not worried. The Cards must be – they signed Lugo!


  3. ibleedpinstripes

    I was always a big fan of playing “Name That LaRoche” whenever it was brought up on Baseball Tonight… now it won’t be as difficult or as fun/rewarding because they’ve been separated. [sigh]

    And the Yankees in first = big. Of course. How could it not be? Hopefully they keep it that way and do well against the A’s, Rays and ChiSox this week.

    – Lisa

  4. stevg95

    Yeah the second half is really going good for the Yanks. Two consecutive sweeps! And in first place! Hopefully the Yanks can extend their winning streak against Giambi and the A’s tonight. I’m sure Sabathia will give them another quality start.

  5. Base Knock

    Thanks for the lift, Gunsmoke. The diff to the ENTIRE campaign in the Central might be the 3-4-5 on the ol’ 3X5. Folks forget that Ozzie’s Crew got the edge w/ Dye, Thome, and Konerko holdin’ it down in the heart of the order on the SouthSide. Tough to pitch around ALL that. Thru 5, Tigers up. 2-1.


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