Lowell Spinners vs. Staten Island Yankees 7/3/09

Yesterday afternoon me and a few of my pals made a trip to LeLacheur Park in Lowell to see the Lowell Spinners, the single A affiliate of the Red Sox play against the Staten Island Yankees, the single A affiliate of the Yankees.  When we got their I was thinking, “Yes.  I finally got tickets to a Red Sox-Yankees game.  Too bad it’s only single A.  But hey it’s a start.  When we got their, we made sure we claimed our free Ed LeLacheur bobbleheads that they were giving out in front of the main gate.  We were sooooo pumped to get it… it was our dreams coming true… yeah right, it was a cheap givaway.

So we strolled on into the park and found our seats and watched batting practice.  We still had an hour and a half left until the first pitch so we strolled around outside of the park and back and forth a few times just mozying around waiting and waiting and waiting.  Eventually we got some fried dough and got back to our seats with about fifteen minutes to go until the game started.  It was a great game.  The Spinners won 4-2.  The weather wasn’t all tha bad like it was supposed to be but the game went on without any delays.  It only rained for about fifteen minutes at the most and it wasn’t all that bad. 

I did some research before the game to see which players were having good seasons and which guys I thought might have a chance to make it to the big leagues and be a star.  I found this one guy named Derrik Gibson who is the shortstop for the Spinners.  He has had a good past two seasons so I got an autograph from him after they were done warming up.  I went back to my seat and watched the rest of the game.  One of my pals Cody went onto the field and did the chicken dance along with my brother.  He was also showed his musical talent during the seventh inning stretch.  I got some cool videos of the side shows from the game.  There was a frisbee dog and a sumo wrestling fight.  It was a great time.  I took a lot of pictures so here they are for you guys.  I hope you enjoy them.

Yankees warming up

Spinners 1

Right side of the infield

Spinners 2

The rest of the infield

Spinners 1

From the right field corner

Spinners 4


From behind home plate

Spinners 5

 From the left field side

Spinners 6

 Pitcher warming up

Spinners 7


My pal Ryan opening his bobblehead (so exciting)

 Ryan Spinners Game

Derrik Gibson (a.k.a. the guy who signed my ball) 



Guy striking out

Swing and Miss at Spinners game

Cody in poncho

(Above) My other pal Cody wearing a poncho  (Below) the bad

Bad weather

 Cody and Ryan

Ryan and Cody


My autographed baseball

autographed ball


Unfortunatley I cannot figure out how to get my videos on here because it is saying they are too big.  Oh well.  I can promise you they were pretty funny.




  1. phillies_phollowers

    Hey Dillon – nice photos :O) Here is a helpful hint when getting autographs…use a ball point ink pen on balls…sharpie will wear off over time. But sharpie is good for pretty much everything else :O) You can also rub new balls with baby powder first to get some of the shine / residue off and then the signature stays better.
    Have a Happy 4th!

  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Cool! Check out my post on the Spinners game I went to a few weeks ago. Sounded like a good time though

  3. raysfanboy

    Great pics! I want to see what the bobble head looked like, though!

    I used to go to minor league baseball games all the time when I was younger. I saw the South Bend White Sox, who later became–and still are, I think–the South Bend Silverhawks.

    Minor League baseball was fun. Cheaper, and better seats. I think you’ve inspired me to check out a game again.

  4. thatbaseballguy

    The Spinners are great. They are relatively cheap to buy tickets, they have great side shows, the facilities are great, and it’s just an all around great time. And the park is beautiful.

  5. crazy19canuck

    I used to go to minor league games all the time. We had the Expos minor leaguers who became the Baltimore affiliates later on. The team is gone now, they moved back to the States, i guess. But those game really to remind you of what baseball is really about.

  6. matttan7

    Pretty good stuff you have there, a baseball game is a baseball game, minor or major, it’s still a cool game to be a spectator of. It’s nice to have an autograph from a player who’s actually playing in a game. Anyways I hope the game was fun.
    Matthew T.

  7. thatbaseballguy

    Sue- I don’t have a pic of the bobble head but if I did I would have put it up. It’s just a cheap bobblehead of the guy who funded the building of the park. The park is called LeLacheur Park.

  8. grayj25

    Dillon, glad you loved the game and managed to get a bobblehead and Derrik Gibson’s autograph!

    Here at the Spinners we always have something great going on each night, this week it’s Justin Masterson Bobblehead Night and Masterson will be in the house!

    LeLacheur really is a great place to watch a ball game. To answer a question I saw above. LeLacheur was a councilman from Lowell who helped bring the team to Lowell and revitalize the city with LeLacheur Park, Tsongas arena and other downtown projects.

    Come out and see us and check out our blog!


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