Mark Teixeira or Kevin Youkilis?

Alright… time for my weekly post of who’s who, who’s better, who would I pick, who would be more productive.  Yeah.  It’s awesome.  Last week I talked about two of the best youngsters in the league who have been called up this season… the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen and the Marlins’ Chris Coghlan.  This week I’m bringing it back home, close to myself personally.  The rivalry that I follow day in and day out.  The Red Sox and the Yankees.  And I’m going to be comparing the two first baseman in the top rivalry in sports.  Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis.

  • Mark Teixeira: Now, Teixeira gets the edge defensively right off the bat.  Not saying Youk isn’t a STELLAR first baseman, but Mark Teixeira is more than STELLAR.  He’s that good.  He is the solid firstbaseman the Yankees have been searching for.  They haven’t had one in forever and the presence of Teixeira just makes me feel more secure when a ball is thrown into the dirt in front of first base.  Tex has won a few gold gloves in his time and has proven to be the premier first baseman in the league.  Now offensively, he is also tops in the league.  He hits for power, can be clutch in the time of need, and just does everything right.  He has made very few errors in his career offensively on the base paths.  He is just an all around great athlete that knows how to play the game.  This season, his stats include 20 homers, which is among the tops in the league, 60 RBI, a .274 average, which isn’t all that bad, and a .559 slugging percentage.  Now, his home run numbers and his slugging percentage may have a little to do with him playing in Yankee Stadium and the new home run friendly right field, but he is still among the top offensive players in the league.  He is great and a joy to watch play the game.
  • Kevin Youkilis:  YOUKKKKKKKKK!  His name is chanted everywhere.  At home in Boston, away on the road (at Baltimore the most) and just everywhere he travels.  Everyone loves Youk… except Yankee fans.  Youk has had a tremendous season this year despite being on the DL early on.  He has come back and proven he is ready to play and produce big numbers for the current first place Red Sox.  So far this season, he has racked up 14 round trippers, 47 RBI, 19 doubles, a .314 average, and a .593 slugging percentage.  He is also having a very good season at first base with a little time over at third.  Youk has only made one error this season which matches Teixeira’s total.  He has been able to make the transition over to third with ease to replace Lowell, who recently went on the DL.  He is in the running for a starting position at first in the All Star game this year.  He has a legitimate chance at winning that spot.  He has been a solid guy at first and third for the Red Sox all year and has been one of the hottest hitters for the Red Sox at the plate along with Jason Bay who is having an MVP type year.

Now, here’s my pick.  And before you say anything about him being a Yankee, hear me out.  Teixeira is an all around great guy who plays the game right, can hit, can field like no one else, and is just a great face of the game.  Youkilis is also a great hitter and a great fielder.  He is in the middle of that powerful Red Sox lineup that has succeeded over the rest of the AL East this season.  My pick of Tex came all down to defense.  Youk is a good, solid firstbaseman but Tex has made the plays in the past, is doing it now, and will continue to do it.  And other than actual fielding percentage, Teixeira makes a lot of nice plays that don’t show up in stat books or sheets.  He knows what to do when the ball comes to him and he has done it over his entire career.  Congrats Tex on your victory in this not-that-important debate.  You rock.

-P.S.: another reason I didn’t pick Youk is because his beard is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in baseball.  And that batting stance… who taught him that???




  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Dillon …

    Well, I have to agree with you … Both Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are great all-around first basemen, but I give the edge to Tex because, in my view, he is a switch hitter with more power than Youkilis, and is a totally awesome first baseman !!! … Watching Teixeira play first on an everyday basis has shown Tex to be the best defensive first baseman I have seen in all my years following the Yankees; and, that includes, Don Mattingly, Tino Martinez, and Chris Chambliss !!! … Youkilis was ahead of Teixeira in the All-Star voting … 1,915,303 votes to 1,875, 256 votes, the last time I looked at the totals yesterday afternoon … So, Youkilis will probably be the starting first baseman for the American League … But, Tex will surely also be selected on the team, and enter the game sometime after the 5th or 6th inning, and will be at first in the later innings of the game !!! … The only other question that can be asked regarding this debate, is: If anyone was the GM of either the Yankees or Red Sox, would they trade Mark Teixeira even-up for Kevin Youkilis? … or … Would they trade Kevin Youkilis even-up for Mark Teixeira? … As a long-time Yankees fan, I would never trade Teixeira for Youkilis !!! … And, that’s no disrespect to Kevin Youkilis, who is a great player, and has two World Series rings … It’s just, I feel Mark Teixeira is a better all-around player, and first baseman [even if it is only a small edge] than, Kevin Youkilis !!!
    Excellent, post, and blog, Dillon !!!
    This is my first visit here, and I look forward to your future posts and comments !!!
    Thanks for all your recent visits to my blog … You are welcome any time !!!
    The Yankees had a nice 4-2 win today against the Blue Jays, the start of another wnning streak !!! … Hopefully, the Yankees will be in first place in the AL East by the All-Star break; and, the American League will continue their dominance over the National League with another All-Star victory !!!
    Take care, Dillon !!! … Enjoy the Holiday weekend !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  2. orangebirds

    I give my vote to Tex. He is a better all around player. He can hit the long ball and hit for average, and his defense is getting better. Thanks for commenting. feel free to keep commenting. I know I will be commenting on yours alot more. Thanks.


  3. stevg95

    Hey…Even though I hate the Red Sox, I agree with everything you said in this post… I know this is hard to say but I think even if I were a die-heart Red Sox fan, I would have to go with Tex. His defensive is extraordinary!!!! And his offensive skills make him one of the best players in the game… I know Youk has been on the DL this year, so that is a setback. But Teixeira is a great clutch hitter and would rather see him up with RISP then Youk. Not that Youk isn’t a great player, but have to give my vote (25 votes actually) to Mark Teixeira….Otherwise great blog! I’ll continue to comment

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