Way To Go Mo

This guy works extremely hard.  He loves the game.  He respects the game.  He plays the game right.  He Is a hall of famer for sure.  He is loved by so many fans around the MLB communnity.  He’s Mariano Rivera, and he is the newest member of the 500 saves club.

The game was on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball last night and I was pumped that I would be able to watch the Yanks again; they were on Saturday Night Baseball on MLB Network the night before.  So I was sitting in front of the t.v. and I watched as the Yankees looked really good again.  I was thinking that there is no way we won’t sweep them.  I was in that kind of mindset.  It was great.  Chien Ming Wang didn’t suck… that’s good.  Maybe he’ll start to get it going.  Now the offense wasn’t all that great.  That’s my one concern from last night’s game.  We only had four hits over the course of the game.  None of them were homers but we did get a lot of help from the Mets pitching who walked eleven guys overall.  That helped us a ton.  We had the win going into the ninth in which Mo got an extra run to work with.  He was actually at the plate and was walked by K-Rod with the bases loaded to bring in a run.  That was Rivera’s first career RBI.  Well, that’s all for last night’s game.  It was good.  We got the sweep and it looks like we’re back on track headed back into the American League.  Let’s keep it up, huh guys.

So back to Mo.  He was STELLAR!  As he has done many times in the past, he came in to finish the eighth inning and then went on to finish the game in the ninth.  He struck out two and didn’t give up anything at all as he cruised to his 500th career save.  He is now in the company of Trevor Hoffman who is the only other guy to have reached 500 saves.  This save puts him in that hall of fame by me.  But my vote isn’t legit so hopefully the legitimate voters see things the same way I do.  He is a hall of famer no doubt.

Congrats to Mo on his milestone and congrats to the Yanks on their sweep of the Mets.  We absolutely dominated the Mets during interleague play.  Especially the last four games.  We have been STELLAR

Well, until next time… hasta luego.




  1. phi8008

    I also want to congratulate Rivera, he’s one of the classiest players around and it was nice to see him reach that milestone. Ironically enough, the least classy and most arrogant showoff, Francisco Rodriguez, is the closer for the opposing team.
    Thanks for the comment back on my post, I just want to say that I don’t think Interleague play is boring, I just was glad to see it end because the Phillies were so horrible in it….I probably should have done a better job pointing that out in my post. Thanks though and great post. Keep in touch!

  2. thatbaseballguy

    I don’t think he will be retiring that soon. In an interview I saw on Sportscenter this morning, he said he will retire when he is no longer competitive, no longer has the stuff to compete, and when he knows he is done. So I think Mo will be in the league a little bit longer but there is no doubt his time to retire is coming closer.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Mo has been as close to untouchable as one can possibly be. I thank Baseball Gods he’s a Yankee. Sandman is just killer. Baseball Writers Association doesn’t even have to think about it. Mo is HOF first ballot without a doubt. Makes it all the more amazing that he’s been so utterly dominant throughout his career while playing clean.. and though you never know these days, he’s one that I 110% believe played the game right, sans PEDs.
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  4. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Congrats to Mo from me as well. He is one Yankee that does get respect from this Sox fan. He truly is one of the greats.


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