Yesterday, I was helping my mom get dinner set and my sister came into the room saying she got a text about MJ being dead.  We both said we heard something about it but nothing had said he was dead yet, he was just at the hospital.  Later in the day, we new it was official that he was dead and my sister said, “I wonder how he died.”  My mom then went on to explain how it was cardiac arrest.  Then my sister said, “It was probably plastic arrest.”  Now if you knew my sister, you would have expected her to say something like that.

I turned on the radio this morning to listen to some tunes but all I hear is talk about MJ.  I changed the station a few times and all I was hearing was MJ this, MJ that.  I was kind of annoyed at how big of a deal this all was.  Ughhhh!  Well, not all was lost in the attempt to find something to listen to.  I eventually found a station talking about baseball and I figured that was about as good as it was going to get.  So I layed back and listened to them talk about the Nats’ victory over the Red Sox and the Yankees’ win over the Braves.  I heard about Lowe having started the season off on a roll and has recently been terrible.  After a while of listening, I was just turning it off when I heard the radio host say, “So, did you hear about Michael Jackson?”

So, back to the Yankees.  I can’t believe they actually won two straight.  We’ve been in a little bit of a slump lately.  Not that we haven’t been losing every game but we have been winning and it hasn’t been that exciting.  So, maybe with the upcoming series against the Mets, we may be able to make things a little more exciting.  Maybe Luis Castillo will have another one of those last second brain farts.  I wonder if he learned how to catch the ball yet. 

Maybe someone will hit a walk off bomb.  Maybe someone will make a STELLAR defensive dive in the field for the out.  Who knows.  Anything at this point will be more exciting.

On other news, I can’t believe the Nats destroyed the Red Sox like that.  I mean c’mon.  The Red Sox are better than that… I think.  The Nats beat us too.  But we didn’t lose that badly.  So to all of you who say the Red Sox are just so much better than the Yankees… ha!

The Subway series part two starts this weekend and hopefully the Yanks can take a couple from the Mets and the Braves can take a couple from the Red Sox.  We need it right now.  I’m starting to lose track of what is happening because nothing exciting has happened.  That brings me back to the exciting part of this post.  Things need to be exciting for people to pay attention.  Especially me.  I have payed more attention to Burn Notice and NCIS on t.v. lately than the Yankees.  A little excitement would be nice.

Go Yanks.  Go Braves.



  1. thatbaseballguy

    Standings don’t matter. All that does is who is on top after the season is over. Which will be us.

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