Nick Green: That Sure Was a Walk Off

Nick Green.  Not many people know about him.  For those of you who don’t know Mr. Green, he is a 6 foot, 180 pound shortstop for the Boston Red Sox.  Now, Green has been having a solid season, doing everything right.  He’s hitting .292, has driven in 24 RBI coming into today, has played solid defense behind the Red Sox pitching staff, and has just been a great fit for this Red Sox team.  So, over the course of the game, the Red Sox took the lead, the Braves tied it up, three Braves were ejected for arguing, and Nick Green hit a walk off homer.  He took the first pitch the opposite way and wrapped it around the Pesky Pole in right.  His reaction to the home run… well I don’t know how he said it exactly but it went something along the lines of this: I didn’t know it was a walk off until I saw the people running out onto the field.  Well, congrats Nick Green.  You’re having a great season so far and this just adds to it.  Keep it up man.

Now, being a Yankee fan, I don’t normally congratulate Red Sox players on succeeding and don’t normally tell them to keep it up, but Nick Green is a young guy that is having a great season, despite not starting every day.  He splits time with Julio Lugo.  It’s good to see young guys do well in the big leagues despite what team they are on.  It shows, me at least, that this league is going somewhere in the future.  Hopefully he’s not juicing.

That’s another thing I’d like to take note of.  In this week’s Sports Illustrated, there was an article on steroids.  The article was in the Scorecard section of the magazine and was titled “Without a Clue.”  One of the lines in the article was this.  “Sportswriters are lost: should we celebrate big home run numbers or be sickened by them.”  The article talked about a blogger blogging about Raul Ibanez’s hot start.  I am tired of reading about steroids.  I mean, it’s obviously ruining the sport but enough is enough.  All we can do is continue testing and suspending those who get caught.  Honestly, I don’t think there is anything else we can do.

So enough is enough.  There is some hope in the future of baseball (Nick Green).  That’s a good sign.  Well, that’s all I got for today.




  1. thatbaseballguy

    Lowrie has been great when he has been healthy. Especially last year. My say is for the Red Sox to get rid of Lugo, and split the playing time generally in half between Green and Lowrie.

  2. juliasrants

    Green has been great for us and has more then earned his starting role. He has proven that he is a much more consistent player then Lugo and it will be interesting to see what happens when Lowrie is ready to come back.


  3. raysrenegade

    I miss Nick Green here in Tampa Bay.
    He was a great kid to have around here.
    He is so innocent and totally amazed by the game all the time.
    His comment after the Walk-off was priceless.
    I am just glad he has become that go-to guy for the Red Sox right now.
    He has deserved this kind of spotlight for a long time.
    I wonder if he still carries his huge backpack everywhere with him after the games?
    That was how he stood out from the crowd down here.

    Rays Renegade

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