What To Do On An Off Day

Hmmmmm… what to do on an off day?  That’s the question for me today.  There aren’t many over the course of the year, but there are a few here and there.  And today’s one of them.  So what should I do?  The Yanks aren’t playing.  In fact, there are only two games scheduled for today.  The Angels and Giants face off in Frisco, and the Tribe and Brew Crew face off in “bugville.”  That’s Cleveland for any of you unfamiliar with the Yankees’ and Joba Chamberlain’s situation in Cleveland last year.  So that’s it.  No more baseball other than that until tomorrow.  So the question still remains, what should I do?  I know. 

I’m going to analyze how bad the Nationals are.  Why not.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  So I’m going to start with this.  Their pitching. 


It’s horrific.  Their best starting pitcher is probably Shairon Martis, who at  5-1 has a 5.06 ERA.  It’s terrible.  And that’s just the start of things.  He has the most wins on the team.  Ron Villone has a .96 ERA and has appeared in 22 games.  That is the best reliever they’ve got.  He has at least been somewhat good.  The next lowest ERA on the team for someone that has pitched in at least 10 games is 3.51 from John Lannan who is their number one starter.  The guy with the highest ERA is Logan Kensing who has an ERA at 13.40.  Everything is going wrong for the Nats on the pitching side.  They have very little upside and way too much downside.


The offense has some upside to it.  A ton more than the pitching does.  To start, you’ve got Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn.  Two top offensive guys in the league.  But after them, you’ve got some other guys who are either young with some potentioal or other guys who just haven’t hit it huge in the bigs.  Some of those players are Elijah Dukes, a potentially very good player.  He hasn’t hit it big yet but I think he will sometime soon.  Also, Nick Johnson, Christian Guzman, and Austin Kearns are some guys that are good players, but they aren’t good enough to take the Nats to bigger places.  Obviously this is true or else it would have happened the last couple years.

The defense is alright.  They don’t have any gold glove contenders.  They don’t have anyone that makes great defensive highlights day in and day out.  They just don’t have any spark on defense and that is why they aren’t noticed defensively.  They don’t have guys that dive out for catches in the outfield and they don’t have guys that make “Top 10” worthy double plays.  They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t great either.

So overall, the Nats suck.  The Yanks should have their way with them and should come out with a swwep.  Now, I’m not the kind of guy to underestimate a team.  The Nats are a really bad team.  But they still can’t be underestimated.  Their offense does have some spark so if our pitching is not top notch, they could build a lead up.  So I am expecting at least two out of three games won for the Yanks but the sweep would be perfect as well.  We need this sweep to keep going and keep pace with the Red Sox who are in first.

CC is going tomorrow against Shairon Martis.  It should be a pretty good matchup as our ace goes agaisnt their ace (as far as I see it).  So hopefully we can take advantage of the not so good pitching.  Offense- you need to score runs.

Let’s go Yanks.



  1. JQuist

    – It’s funny how the season plays out, right? We’re 2 games behind the Sox – who happen to be playing the Phillies and losing… While WE take on the Nationals – who happen to be the worst team in baseball. (For now. Nothing lasts forever… *cough* – Strasburg.) If you look at the Nats website, they’re also tossing up some “Pedro/Glavine” rumors. Imagine that…

    Either way. The Red Sox need to lose, and the Yanks need to win these easy ones while they’re still easy!

  2. JQuist

    – It’s a golden opportunity for us to snatch first again. The Sox are playing the Phillies, (and losing…) – and we’re taking on the Nats. These games should balance out the AL east again…

    *But remember: nothing lasts forever. We’re lucky to be playing the Nats while they “suck.” (*Cough* – Strasburg.) If you check out the Nats website, they’re also tossing around Pedro and Glavine rumors. Imagine that…


  3. JQuist

    LoL – sorry for posting twice. (Double clicked…) – Did my best to remember what I had said – that’s why the replies are so similar. You got the point…

  4. luckylori

    Dillon…never underestimate those last place teams! They’ll sneak up on you. If CC doesn’t have a good outing, the Nats could be hitting pretty well. But hopefully you’ll gain ground on the Sox. Good luck!

  5. bobdawg25

    Dillon…Good post…but the Nationals down fall is their pitching…their offense is actually some what good and they have role players to fill in gaps…if they could ever get some pitching, starters and relievers, they could actually make some noise in the NL East….maybe Strausberg can help them out…if they actually make him an offer he will accept…but I do agree, the Yankees should handle them easily.


  6. juliasrants

    Dillon – it is those last place teams that you have to take VERY seriously. When a team is expected to lose it can inspire them to play really well. And the Nats actually hit really well so if there pitching has a good game and the Yankees don’t?


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